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what we offer

In what many people assume is a commodity product industry, Davidson Oil sets itself apart from the crowd through innovation, communication and execution.

We offer a wide range of branded and unbranded fuels to our customers and back these products with state of the art inventory management, transportation services and market intelligence.

Branded and Unbranded Fuel Supply

The retail fuel industry is a highly competitive business, built on tight fuel margins.  Davidson Oil provides fuel supply to large chains and single store operators who trust us to help them make the best decisions in the supply market and handle the logistics of their fuel. 

Transport & Bobtail Fleet Fuel

Does your business need onsite gasoline or diesel for your fleet?  Call Davidson Oil for our Fleet Operations Xpress or FOX solution and we'll handle all the details of the tankage, dispensers and fuel. Whether you need fuel for a few weeks or a few years, we'll deliver a complete and affordable solution right to your front door.

Fuel for Oilfield Services

Do you need a better provider for rig or frac fuel? Are you expanding your operations and need more coverage? Many companies would like to do business in the oilfield but few have the expertise to provide the rock solid service to do so.  Davidson Oil provides diesel fuel services for some of the best energy companies in Texas.  

Aviation Fuels

Davidson Oil sells and transports high quality aviation gasoline (AVGAS) for use in reciprocating or piston engines and  aviation turbine fuels (Jet A), for use in turbo-fan, turbo-jet and turbo-prop engines. We have dedicated trucks and trailers to aviation fuels thereby maintaining the quality of the product from the supplier to your engine.