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Onsite Diesel Or Gasoline For Your Fleet Made Easy

Onsite fueling quick and easy

Brad Nickell
June 30, 2023

Are there times your business needs onsite fuel for your fleet of vehicles?  Buying a fuel tank, fitting it with the right dispensing equipment and arranging for consistent fuel deliveries can be both expensive and confusing.

Davidson Oil takes the hassle and expense out of onsite fuel by providing its customers with a complete fuel system to include tankage, dispensing equipment and ongoing fuel supply.  We call it the FOX, or Fuel Operations Express and it could not be simpler to use.

Contact us with your location and the amount of diesel fuel or gasoline you use and we’ll take care of everything else.  Whether you need 500 gallons a week or 50,000, we have the equipment and know how to perfectly satisfy your needs. In most cases we’ll have your system on site and pumping fuel to your fleet in 48 hours.

Ready for the FOX?  Contact us today.